Link Building Isn’t Magic: The Importance of Being Link Worthy

Link building isn’t magic. It’s not a cure-all, won’t make you rich quick, nor will link building solve all your traffic woes.

Wait, wait, wait.

What about all the stories we hear about the importance of links, the knowledge that Google uses links as a ranking factor, or that links are a foundational element of the web? What about the fact that every SEO in existence acknowledges the importance of links, and many online marketers share incredible case studies about links greatly improving the traffic to their website?

Knowing all this, shouldn’t building links equate to improved site performance? Aren’t links fundamental to strong websites?

All true. Building great links will drive traffic to your site, help you grow brand, relationships, visibility, and industry authority. Links can help you earn a larger slice of the internet pie.

But why then do I say link building isn’t a magic cure-all?

Because to build great links, you must first earn them. You must be worthy of any link you build, or it’s manipulation and will eventually be punished by Google.

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What Should I Look for in a Link Building Agency?

Links form digital connections between your company and other websites. These connections are extremely important to your business for a number of reasons.

Links are essential to online success. They provide avenues for people to discover you site, signal trust and authority to search engines, act as endoresments from reputable websites, and create meaningful online relationships.

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How to Get Clients Excited about Link Building

Over the past couple of years, many business owners & marketing managers have become cautious of link building, due to the relentless negative attention the topic has received.

This negative perception is made worse by the fact that our very own clients receive badly written emails every day about ‘Guaranteed Top Rankings’ from various link builders, opening the email with something like “Greetings of the day…”. These type of emails even find their way to my own site and I actually offer SEO!

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Link Building: Invisible Marketing

Link building can feel like a thankless task. We can’t always speak openly to other professionals, our families, and even some webmasters about what we do. In many ways, link building feels… invisible.

The word invisibility, if we’re being charitable (and awesome), brings to mind stealth and things that move stealthily into the night like ninjas, spies, and Batman.

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Hijacking Authority to Build Links – Unscrupulous SEO

As an SEO, I’ve dug through the trenches of link building. I know and appreciate the struggle SEOs face to secure links. But recently I was the victim of a tactic I still can’t believe exists.

Last month I stumbled upon a mind-blowing tactic that another less scrupulous SEO adopted to build quality links for sites who might not have earned them:  authority hijacking.

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