About The Creators Community

By using technology, real estate and community we build the next generation work space. At the core we gather individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset: Challengers, thinkers, artists and pioneers that are constructive, driven, and want to make a positive impact on the future. We create venues for you to work, meet, eat and be effective.

Creators have emerged from arts and entrepreneurship to become central figures in all parts of civilization. Our high-speed society make it essential to innovate, experiment and create. To do this rapid and with power, we, the creators, need to be connected and challenged by each other – please enter The Creators Community.

● The Creators Community, consist of Matrikel1, Founders House, Startup Village, in Copenhagen, and MESH in Oslo. New sites will be launched soon.
● Is the largest creators community in the Nordics, with 1300 members and 300 companies.
● Notable companies: Kahoot!, Spotify, Vivino, Snapchat, Douchebags, Realm, Index Venture, Northzone, Creandum.
● Both MESH (2015) and Founders House (2017) has been awarded “Best Coworking Space in the Nordics”.
● The Creators Community run all their sites without any governmental funding.

The Creators Community – By creators, for creators.

Our Story

In 2012, the Nordic startup scene was local and driven by a few inspired souls. When the co-founder of MESH, Anders Mjåset, started PramPack (safe transportation of strollers), there was no ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Norway. He traveled around in the leading innovation hubs internationally and saw how a new generation of entrepreneurs created infrastructure suited for a digital generation. This infrastructure created opportunities for entrepreneurs at a completely different level from the bureaucratic Norwegian innovation environment he was used to. Mjåset considered to start his next business from one of the leading hubs, but rather chose to stay in Norway to help modernize the Norwegian start up scene and connect it with the international. As a 25-year-old, he and co-founder Audun Ueland sold PramPack to Stokke, and used the money they earned to start Norway’s first independent initiative for entrepreneurs. MESH was established in 2012 by Mjåset and Ueland as the first, and now largest, coworking space in Norway.

Founders House was launched in 2011 by Tine Thygesen, and four other founders, as the first tech coworking space in Denmark. Thygesen has started and led five companies, and sits of the board of several startups and investment funds. She is internationally recognised as a digital pioneer; named among top 100 women in tech in Europe.

MESH and Founders House merged in November 2016, where Tine Thygesen became CEO and manage the company together with the Norwegian co-founder Anders Mjåset and COO Karl Kristian Wickstrøm. February 2018 they launched The Creators Community – the overall brand and holding company. Matrikel1 will open at Højbro Plads 8-10 in May 2018, as the biggest thing the innovation scene in Denmark has ever seen.