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HELLO! And goodbye dry summer feet!

July 8, 2017

I’m baaaaaaaack. I feel terrible it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, but it feels great to have some time to dedicate to it again.  It’s a nice non-“mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom” outlet for me.  I looked at the date of my last blog post and noticed it was right around the time that we were making the life changing decision to uproot our family (and everything else that goes along with that).  So.Much.Stress. Never did I think we’d be living in Arizona, but here we are and we’re loving it!  I finally feel like I’ve got things pretty close to ‘normal.’ Cue angels singing Hallelujah!

We love Arizona, though at times it feels like I’m an alien on a foreign planet.  It’s polar opposite from Seattle in so many ways.  Even with the extreme desert heat, we still enjoy the sunshine and feel grateful for it every day. One thing is constant though – I miss all my Washington connections a lot. Years of relationships and friendships are very difficult to leave. Good thing we’ll be back each summer to see all our lovely PNW peeps. Arizona has treated us well already with lots of new budding friendships and we were blessed to choose a fabulous neighborhood with so many sweet and kind hearted people. I’ve kind of been blown away with the genuine kindness of people here.  New adventures are so scary but so fun! Okay, back to bloggity blogging.

Arizona’s desert weather brought out a problem I’ve never had before. To be honest, I’ve never suffered with dry or cracked feet in my life, but the lack of humidity and daily sandal wearing did a number on my feet. Gross, gross, I know. But truth is truth.  I found this gem product called “O’Keefe’s For Healthy Feet Foot Cream” on Amazon (duh).  O’Keefe’s had quite a lot of hype in the reviews but I was a little skeptical that it would be different than any other moisturizing cream available. Wrong.  I applied it to both of my feet each night and by the 6th day, they were almost completely healed, moisturized and super soft.  They feel and look amazing! I mean, compared to the peeling-dry-scratch-your-bedsheets feet I had before.  I’ll spare you the before/after pics but trust me there was a dramatic difference. I’m sold on this stuff and will never stop using it! The instructions say to use at night, so that’s what I did.  One thing I didn’t like is the sticky residue left on my hands after applying. You’ll definitely want to wash your hands after putting it on. It doesn’t have the consistency of a typical body butter; it’s more silky, but also kind of watery.   I read in several reviews that it took some people a couple weeks to start working, so I suppose it depends on how dry your feet are. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Here’s to soft and smooth summer feet! It sells for around $9 on Amazon (Click here to see on Amazon. ) and you can buy this at a lot of other places too.  By the way, their hand cream is also fabulous!




LipSense Lip Gloss Review

January 30, 2017

I started hearing amazing buzz about this LipSense lip gloss last summer so when my friend reached out to me asking me if I wanted to try it and review it, I said YES! I have tried many lipsticks, stains, and glosses and honestly I’m not a huge wearer but what intrigued me about this product was it’s claim to stay on and not budge at all! In fact, they sell a “Ooops Remover” to get the stuff off! Long lasting lipsticks usually lasts about 3-4 hours on my lips and what I don’t like about them is that they make my lips peel or feel dry after every.single.use. I hate to feel like I’m biting or pulling at dry lips all day.


What is LipSense?

LipSense is a long lasting lip color that is waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off.   The best part is, it that it will not dry out your lips. In fact, it helps to restore the moisture content of your lips when used the right way. The gloss has a base of shea butter and bees wax and it feels so nice on.   LipSense claims that it can last up to 18 hours on your lips so long as you use the gloss with the color together.

Last week, I noticed that the more I used it, the more it made my lips less flaky and dry.   I learned that the lip colors contain a small amount of alcohol to help exfoliate your lips and remove build-up leftover from previous applications.  I’m thrilled about this because that was my biggest complaint from other long wearing lip colors!

They offer 70 plus colors to choose from and even have different finishes of gloss (matte, pearl, glitter, moisturizing and diamond). Another big plus is that it is made right here in the USA and also is vegan, cruelty-free and formulated with safe ingredients.

My Experience: 

I chose the color,  “First Love” which is a nice everyday neutral. It’s almost my lip color but just bright enough to feel more polished. Lord Business isn’t a huge lipstick fan but he immediately noticed this color on me and really liked it. Or maybe he was excited that it was kissable color that won’t get on him!

I put my first coat on at 9:00am and went about my day. I ate breakfast, had some tea, lots of talking then I put another gloss coat on about 11:30am. I ate a semi-greasy lunch, and forgot I had it on which was a nice feeling! The gloss feels like a nice smooth chapstick and not a heavy or sticky gloss. I put the gloss on every 3-4 hours which pumped up the color.

Overall, I really like this product and would recommend it to any of my lipstick wearing fiends. The price is a little steep but like most higher-end products, you’ll use less because of the quality.  I am excited to try other colors and finishes because they have tons! Best part is, you only have to apply once a day! No more worrying about getting lipstick on your teeth, partner, clothes or anywhere else!  Each gloss runs about $25 but if you think about seldom you put it on, totally worth it!

I laughed when I saw the series of pics I took because I’m happy and put together in the morning and by nighttime, I’m tired and checked out! Ha! Keeping it real, baby.


9:00am–Bright and smooth.



2:00pm–Still going strong, great color and texture still. At hour five!


10:00pm–Definitely needs another coat of color or total new application but because of this particular color, you can’t tell too bad. This is 13 hours later!

If you are interested in trying  LipSense, go to and check out the colors they  have in stock. Thanks to my awesome friend, Kelsee, for offering me this awesome product to try. Get in touch with her at to buy. I wasn’t paid for this review and I do my best to give an honest and unbiased review for you! She did give me this gloss for free but I told her I’d be honest which shows she’s confident in this product too! Check out my Instagram @pearls_of_suburbia to see how LipSense holds up throughout the day.




Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk

December 18, 2016

Why? Why did it take so long for me to find this product? My go to “lazy hair” is leaving it wet, throwing in some mousse and letting it air dry. I wish I had the head shape for that cute messy bun, but I don’t!  And I’m sad to say I don’t know how to braid. Sad face.  My hair naturally has some decent wave to it but by the late evening, it’s mostly straight and just looks straight up UG.  Cue Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk. I love this brand and use many  of their other products so when I saw this stuff, I knew there was a good chance that it was going to be great! It feels, looks and smells like lotion but it’s for your hair! My hair gets super frizzy and puffy after a couple hours of it air drying so I never really loved how it looks on my lazy days but this stuff keeps it smooth, silky and smells divine! It accentuates the curl and it stays that way for a long while!  I just put a good quarter-sized amount on my hands and gently toss my hair trying to focus on the ends (I figure it’s best not to have that lotion on my roots).  It doesn’t leave my hair or hands greasy and it smells like a pina colada. Mmmmm. I picked this up at Target for around $10 but you can get a two pack on Amazon for around $18.

So ladies, if you have remotely wavy or curly hair, you will love this stuff! Makes my lazy hair days look not-so-lazy! Tried and true coming at you! I’m not a big enough of a blogger to have an assistant to take pics of me and have me look all put together so you must endure my ‘hair selfies’ with bad lighting. Also, this was about 8 hours after putting it in my hair and my hair was completely dry. Not bad huh?! Buy it HERE on Amazon.





~Great Find Friday~ Exfoliating Shower Gloves

June 3, 2016

Are you tired of me preaching about exfoliation yet? Ha! I had to share these awesome shower gloves since they are a necessity coming into summer!  I saw some at Target and they ran about four dollars a pair, but you and I both know that I’m an Amazon addict and surprise surprise,…Amazon had a four pack pack of highly rated ones for $6.99! FOUR pairs!  YOU GUYS! They work so well! And many of the reviewers were men too! (apparently men exfoliate too?) I usually use them the last couple minutes of my shower after I’ve soaked for a bit. You can use the gloves with or without body scrub or body wash. I usually don’t use anything other than water with them.  They are just rough enough to bring new skin to the surface but not so rough where you feel raw afterwards! Use them on your legs, arms, back, feet, anywhere really! Remember to moisturize afterwards though. They remove all the dead skin cells all over your body while encouraging new growth. I can honestly say that I’ve noticed a substantial difference in the softness of my skin on my entire body since using them. They would make a great little gift for anyone too!  Not only does it feel good to use them but they actually work in making skin look and feel younger. Win!  Click here to buy them on Amazon!



~Great Find Friday~ Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

May 20, 2016

I’ve been using this stuff for a long time now and it’s basically the best thing everrrrrr for your neglected cuticles. I am so rough on my hands and they get really dry so I have to remind myself to keep them moisturized.  When I forget to use this stuff regularly,  I get those super painful and peeling cuticles. Ouch! This stuff smells like lemon meringue pie so you may want to keep it away from young kids because they will probably have the urge to eat it! Haha! I’m only half kidding. It melts just a little when you rub it and it feels ahhhhh so nice when you apply it to your nail beds and cuticles. I like it because it doesn’t feel greasy, sticky or oily afterwards. Your cuticles will just drink it up!  I keep one in my nightstand to use when I’m watching TV at night and one in my purse to use when I need to kill time. It comes in this super cute little tin too, which is just an added fun bonus! I love products that work and have great packaging. You can find it at Target for about $9 however Amazon has it for $6.50 and free shipping. Try it out! It would also make a great small gift for a friend although  your friend may say, “Girl, you think my cuticles are ugly and dry???”  Haha!  Happy Friday!





Say good bye to short lived nail polish and HELLLLO to DIY Shellac!

May 4, 2016

I think I remember maybe five times in my life where my mom didn’t have her nails painted.  I have memories of her painting them on her bathroom window sill before church every Sunday. She has the most amazing, strong and thick nails. Me?  Not so much. My sister has amazing nails too but hey, I didn’t get that fabulous gene! My nails are thinner and don’t have that perfect natural shape that my mom and sister have. Like most people, regular nail polish does not stay on my nails longer than 3-4 days. I love having painted nails though. It makes me feel girly.  I have tried everything from expensive base coats and top coats and even experimented with different brands that claimed to last longer. Nothing worked for me. I am rough on my nails too, which makes it that much harder.

Then a few years ago when Shellac/gel came out, my sister told me that she just bought her own lamp and colors and was doing it herself. What?! I always knew she was a genius! Shortly after that, I spent a few nights researching how to do it myself and happily hopped on Amazon and got everything I needed to get started.  Ummmmmm best money I’ve ever spent! I may be exaggerating a little…but only a little. It’s seriously so easy and works! Here’s the low down on Shellac in case you haven’t heard.

Shellac Pros:

  • It can last up to 14+ days even being hard on your nails and hands.
  • It stays super shiny the entire time.
  • It dries hard, instantly. No dry time.

Shellac Cons:

  • You  need a special dryer/UV light to cure the shellac.
  • The nail polishes are substantially more expensive.
  • Harder to take off if than traditional polish.
  • Although there are many colors, not as many as regular polish.

To me, the pros far outweigh the cons. As far as taking it off, at about day 14 for me, they start to come up from my nail and I just gently peel them off and they comes off easily without damaging my nail at all. You can also soak them with acetone and scrape it off but I’ve never needed to do this.

If you were to walk into a salon and get a Shellac mani/pedi it would run about $70…each time! I did this a couple times before investing in my own supplies to do it myself. It not only saves me a lot of money, but it also gives me the flexibility to do my nails whenever it is convenient for me. Sometimes that’s at 9pm when I’m relaxing in bed and sometimes it’s 2pm when Da Fuss is watching his daily Paw Patrol. I don’t have to schedule it and drive to the salon.  Now I will say that it is nice to be pampered every now and then and have someone else take care of you but, most of the time I like to do it myself.  It’s also lots of fun to have all the supplies and host a girls nail night! It saves time, money and it works so incredibly well.

So if you feel like being Shellac smart and starting it up yourself, this is what you’ll need to  buy to get started.

  1.  A UV Lamp/Light Dryer for $39.99. There are many options but this one is a proven winner for me. It’s top rated and I’ve loved it from the first time I’ve used it. I’ve used this for about 3.5 years and it’s still going strong with the same bulb. It has a built in timer on the back pre-set for 2 or 3 minutes, which is really convenient!


2. CND Shellac Top & Base Coat for ~$30.00. In the photo below, the top and base coat are the two middle silver and gold ones. The others are colors that I use frequently. You will need the top and base coat for any color you choose to use. They are sold in a kit and so far, I’m still on my first set from 3 years ago.

3. CND Shellac Nail Polish These run about $15 dollars a piece. Don’t be tempted to get knock off brands.


3. Alcohol. You can pick this most anywhere now for cheap but be sure to get the highest percentage you can find. You’ll also  need cotton balls or rounds.


Before you get started it’s extremely important you do three things:

  • Shape and cut your  nails how you want.
  • Clean your nails really well with alcohol***very important***
  • Push your cuticles down there so there isn’t any skin on your nails at all.

Now you’re ready!


Put a coat of the base coat on  making sure not to get any on your cuticle or skin.


Cure for 10-20 seconds.


Immediately put on color coat.


Cure color coat for 2 minutes. If necessary to do second coat, repeat last two steps. Color and cure.


Coat nails with top coat.


Cure top coat for 2 minutes.


Inspect handy work.


Last step! Rub alcohol on top coat and shield your eyes from the amazing shininess of your Shellac nails.


Love my red nails!



This was from the last time I did Shellac a few weeks ago at DAY 14! Impressive, right?



~Great Find Friday~ Should I put this on my face? Yes, yes you should.

April 22, 2016

I recently ran out of my make up face primer and when I was on Amazon looking for mine,  I read a few reviews saying that they don’t waste their money on expensive primers anymore because they use Monistat Anti-chafing gel… Come again? Yes Monistat. No, not yeast infection cream but anti-chafing gel. Don’t go putting yeast treatment cream on your face. I don’t advise doing that. Ha! Apparently this stuff  works just as well because it has all the same ingredients as regular high end primers. So feeling adventurous and for the sake of bringing you a “Great Find Friday,” I bought it.  You can’t beat $10 for 1.5 ounces (the best price per ounce you’ll find anywhere for primer). I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and I concur! It is a fabulous make up primer! It works just as well for me than my more expensive primer and to be honest, the Monistat tube was way easier to use than the pump was with the Bare Minerals primer. When I opened it and put some on my hands, I knew immediately that it was literally the same thing I pay $24 for.

So WHY should you use a primer anyway? Let’s start with 1) It makes your face  super smooth and gives it a soft base for any foundation to go over nicely. 2) Any make up you do put on will stay on noticeably longer than without a primer. 3)  It minimizes the appearance and fills pores. 4) It even fills in small wrinkles so makeup doesn’t get settled into them.

Just imagine putting a super fine layer of velvet (actually feels like this on your face) before putting any make up on. It’s very light and will not clog your pores. The first time I ever put on primer  was a weird and nice feeling. So silky smooth and dries to almost a powdery feeling but it’s not actually a powder?  Odd to explain but you need it! And at this price, duh! If you wear any kind of make up, this is a necessity. It’s not hard to add to your daily routine and will make a difference. When I use primer, my make up looks much more vibrant and glowy. I put it on after my moisturizer and dunzo! It’s completely clear so don’t worry about any weird coloring.  Easy peasy! Give it a try and let me know what you think! Happy Friday!


Here is the Amazon link for ya!



Exfoliation Part 2

March 25, 2016

Ummmmmkay. Are you ready to take your relationship with exfoliation to the next level? Watch the little five minute video to discover THREE more fantastic products that you need in your life.  I’ll give you a hint, your skin and your husband will thank you. And I noticed I say, “It’s worth trying” all the time but that’s the whole point of this place! Things worth trying! You may find your new favorite! Remember exfoliation not only helps many common skin issues, but  it also increases blood circulation, which in turn helps you to have healthy and glowing skin. Yes, please.  Find Amazon links to products here—->>>>


Exfoliation, Part 1

March 16, 2016

Laaaaaadies (and gentlemen) are you exfoliating regularly? You  better be! One of my more recent favorite finds is the Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System.   It is the best ‘beginner’ product if you aren’t using anything and even if you are using an exfoliator, this is great addition.  Cheap, effective and it feels good! It makes my face smooth, clean and renewed. I use it every day. Watch the video to learn more about this fantastic product and another one of my favorite daily scrubs.  I definitely look tired in the video but I suppose I’m keeping it real. Sometimes I have to wait for the babes to be asleep to get a free quiet minute like tonight.  Da Fuss isn’t napping anymore which means I.don’ Fun fun! Click the link on the sidebar to get on Amazon! —->>>


I’ve found it! The BEST mascara..I’ll tell you why you should trust my opinion!

March 7, 2016

Okay little ladies, I know this is going to ruffle some feathers but I am here today to claim that I’ve found THE best mascara.  Watch the video for my reasons why I love it and why you should too! I will preface the video by saying that I’ve tried many, many mascaras in my life. From expensive to cheap. Some have been pretty good and others have been duds. There was always something that left me wanting. Either it was too thin of a consistency, it smudged, it was too thick, it dried out too quickly, it had a weird wand,  it straightened my lashes or it just wasn’t dramatic enough of a change for me. You  name it. I told you I was picky.  I’ve used nearly every kind that Target sells and then some. From the video and before pic below, you’ll see that I don’t have a lot to work with in the eyelash department. Fortunately, I have found the one! It gives me long, thick, full lashes with one quick application and stays on fabulously. Don’t buy this on Amazon because many of the reviews on there claim to have received false products! Go in to Ulta to try it and then buy it! It won’t hurt trying! I’m so glad I did. I consider it a ‘pearl’ in my makeup bag and I hope you do too! Expand the video so you can get a close look at my lashes on a bigger screen.  ***I will say, if you already have long or curled lashes naturally, then maybe you won’t want to spend the money for this mascara. But for people like me with lacking lashes, it’s phenomenal. ***


My eyelashes with no mascara. Much to be desired. Meh. Straight and short.


After one application of the BEST mascara. Long, thick beautiful lashes! And I only curled them once with my eyelash curler. They stayed nice and curled.