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Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

January 31, 2017

I love Valentine’s Day. I know some people dislike it because they feel that it’s a marketing ploy to get us all to spend lots of money for something we should be showing all year round but the way I see it, showing love is always a great thing. It’s a positive and sweet reason to celebrate! Why not? Why not spend an entire day (or month) to make everyone special to you feel extra loved?  If it doesn’t hurt anyone, I’m down. So major corporations, TAKE MY MONEY because I will happily spend a little extra to make it special for my loves.

I have scoured the Internet for creative and easy ideas along with a few of my own to help you give your loved ones a little extra affection this Valentine’s Day.  I appreciate fun family traditions but I also am not very interested in spending so much time stressing myself out doing things that are time consuming or complicated. Here we go!

I loved this idea from Mom On Timeout.  She put together an adorable and custom coupon book. All you have to do is print, customize and assemble.  I know my big kids will definitely find this really fun! She has the template all ready for you to go! Cheap, customized for kids of all ages (and spouses)…easy enough!  Click here ==>>>Valentine Coupon Book



I am definitely doing this one from Skip To my Lou. All you need is a package of heart doilies or you can cut out hearts yourself. Each day you write something you love about that person and put it on their door or somewhere they will see it. Do it each day from February 1st to the 14th and make someone smile. This is also known as a ‘heart attack’! I did this for Lord Business’s 35 birthday and put 35 hearts with things we loved about him taped to the inside of his car the night before so he saw it early when he went to work the next day. Cheesy? Yes. Did it make him smile and feel loved? YES.  Bring on the cheese!  Click Here ===>>> Valentine Heart Attack



The Dating Divas nailed it with these really sweet printables for your kid’s lunch for Valentine’s Day. They even have some for your spouse which would be fun! I like to pack a special treat for the holidays for our boys.  I think even putting some confetti in their lunches would be such a fun surprise too!  Simple and easy! Click here===>>>>Lunch Box Printables



Over The Big Moon did a nice round up for 10 great Valentine’s picture books. I love getting my boys a Valentine’s book each year.  Pretty cheap and a fun tradition. And a book about love? Who can resist? Love love it.  Target always has a nice display of seasonal books and of course Amazon has tons!



Socks! One thing I like to do every year is give my boys some socks and a card on Valentine’s Day morning. “I love you from your head to your toes!” They love it and it’s just a small gesture that goes a long way plus you can cross off socks from your Christmas stocking stuffers and move that to Valentine’s Day. Ha!  Marshalls and TJ Maxx always has a nice variety of good quality name brand socks.  Every now and then I’ll find Happy Socks brand men’s socks there (Lord Business’ faves). I found two pairs he didn’t already have so he’ll be thrilled in a couple weeks! Marshalls and TJ Maxx also have some really cool 3D greeting cards for much cheaper than you’d find at Target. I got my Valentine’s cards there, cheaper and very cute!



This has been our ‘go to’ for thoughtful and simple flirting. Beyond easy and a pleasant surprise in the morning when you look in the mirror. You can write sweet nothings for your spouse or words of affirmation for your teenagers or littles. Shortly after we were married, Lord Business wrote “You are beautymart” on the mirror for me. He combined the words beautiful and smart. So sweet and I’ll always remember that kind compliment. Mirror messages are SO fun and EASY.


I hope you were inspired with some ridiculously simple and fun ways to show love to your family this year! The world needs as much as love as it can get so why not start in your own home?



Summer Deck Project: Hanging Bistro Lights

July 19, 2016

Ever since we bought this home, I’ve wanted to hang bistro lights over our deck. I just thought with the greenbelt in the backyard and the size of the deck, the lights would make it feel so cozy and give it that awesome summer night ambience I’ve always wanted. I perused the Internet and found so many innovative DIY ideas and was ready to start but then my contractor gave me this new brilliant idea!  I will share it with you very soon when I do my ‘big reveal’ early next week. You guys, it’s SO easy and not near as expensive as you’d think. It looks very finished and nice too! I obviously think my idea is the best idea because it has the flexibility to take them down and still looks top notch.  But for now, here are few beautiful inspirations for you! Maybe one of these options will work better for your space. It’s SO much easier than you think and really gives it that relaxing feel. Think of it now,… food sizzling on the BBQ grill,  music playing, kids having fun in the background, relaxing and chatting with your friends in the late warm evening underneath your bistro lights that give juuuuust enough light.  Ahhhhh summer.  Even my picky hubby thinks it turned just as good as if my contractor did it! Can’t wait to share it with you all!

This is one of those DIY projects that will take 2-3 hours and make you feel satisfied and won’t kill an entire weekend! Check back soon for my own DIY!

Here is a great DIY using electrical conduit from Bright July.


This one from House Updated looks great too.  They use wood poles. It’s more of a permanent option.



Here they used fencing posts anchored in concrete which would work great if you don’t have a deck on either side of the space. Click Here.  You could also anchor in flower pots that have cement in the bottom.

And this one was Lord Business’ favorite idea since you use trees as the main post and we’ve got plenty o’ trees. We didn’t go this route because well,…I have the last say and I didn’t want to do it this way. Shhhh. Hopefully he doesn’t read this. 😛  This is a great tutorial though. lightcanopy17