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Terracotta Brown Sugar Savers

August 1, 2017

Yesterday,  I found myself in a real Mom predicament at Costco.  I needed brown sugar but they only had 25 pound bags of it.  I had to buy that bag or else I’d have to stop at the grocery store with three kids just for one item.  You feel my pain right?  I love to bake and make cookies but 25 pounds?  I knew I had enough storage containers at home for all of it but I knew that keeping all of it soft was going to be tricky especially out here in the desert.  I had heard that using bread or an apple slice kept it fresh but it kind of grossed me out leaving it in there for who knows how long.  When I got home, I did a little digging online and someone said terracotta would keep brown sugar soft and ready to use.  Huh? So of course I searched on Amazon and found these adorable and reusable terracotta disks. They are very simple to use since you just soak them for 15 minutes in water, dry them and then toss them in your brown sugar container.  It will keep your brown sugar soft for three months and then you just repeat the process again! Pretty amazing! Ignore me if you knew about these already!

The best part about these little cuties is that you can use them with anything you want to keep soft and fresh like marshmallows, dried fruit, cookies and cakes. You can even make already hard brown sugar soft again buy using them.  They are cheap, useful AND cute which makes them a winner in my book!  The perfect gift for your baker pals!  These ones came individually packed in a set of six for about $20.00  Click here to buy on Amazon.


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Gemstone Soaps

July 20, 2017

I must give credit where credit is due. My awesome gift giver husband gave me these for Mother’s Day and I just adore them!  I think they are so uniquely beautiful and useful.  Funny back story here; our middle child was/is really into rocks and collecting them.  I looked on my phone one morning and saw that there was an Amazon order for $50 worth of amethysts and other rocks.  I immediately reversed the charge and called my husband all upset that this kid ordered rocks without asking! How could he just spend $50 and not even think twice?  It was then that my husband told me that he had ordered them for me and they weren’t actually rocks but soap gemstones! Ha! I kind of ruined my own surprise but I still love them the same.  I immediately reordered them for myself and am so glad I did.

They smell so good and they actually work well. My hands feel clean after I use it and each gemstone lasts a long time!  I’ve been using the same one since May! I don’t know how they do it, but they look like real gemstones with pearly hues and veining.  I love looking at them when I wash my hands.  I told you I’m like a bird that loves shiny and pretty things.  

You can buy all different gemstones like jade, jaspar, moonstone, malachite, rose quartz, opal, aqua marine, amethyst, geode and amber. I plan on adding more to my collection. I think I’ll get the jade one next, it’s so pretty!  The prices range from $11-$20 per soap but they are large (see pic below).  Go to and search for “Gemstone Soap” and it will come up with many different options. Keep this idea in your back pocket for when you’re looking for something unique to give a friend or a fun way to treat yo’self.  Hope you love this fun gift idea as much as I do! 



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Chatbooks – Everything you need to know!

March 9, 2017

If you already do the whole Chatbooks thing, ignore this post.  I just felt that this service and product is so amazing that I had to make sure everyone knew about it! I started with this service about three years ago and I haven’t looked back! They are cherished little 6×6 inch books that I keep in my living room and because they are so cheap, I don’t fret when I find them in the boy’s bedroom or in the bathroom! (Their reading material choice sometimes). A few of mine are beat up but again, cheap! So I suppose I will let my littles enjoy them too. Ha! We all love just picking one up and reading through.

Chatbooks really simplifies photo books by automatically taking care of it for you. And it’s just my style because I’m lazy when it comes to journaling, photobooks and scrapbooks etc.  I don’t want to take the time to scrapbook but I love the idea.

The way it works is you download the Chatbooks app on you phone. I have linked my Instagram to it so it’s even more effortless. Each time you post an Instagram photo, it will automatically add it to your current Chatbook. Once you have 60 pages worth of photos, Chatbooks will automatically bill you eight dollars and ship it to you with no shipping costs.  They will alert you once your book is complete and remind you to edit your book before they print it. You can choose your cover photo and edit any captions.  There have been times I decided to delete some photos from the book or add in different photos from my iPhone photos. You can pay an additional five dollars for hard cover books too! Note: You do not have to use Instagram to make the books. You can totally plug in photos from your phone manually too!

And because they thought of everything, if you sign up and see that you have 15 books worth of photos that you want printed, they offer to just send you one a month until you’ve caught up since you most likely aren’t making them at the rate of one a month. You can also just pay for all 15 books at the beginning to get caught up. Either way, it’s awesome! My parents and family like to pick them up and just thumb through them when they are visiting. They would be a great gift for grandparents!

So, if you want a super simple and cheap way to keep those adorable pics you’re posting, this is it! Couldn’t be easier! Chatbooks has been an awesome company to work with and they have fabulous customer service. Read more on their website HERE.  I do not have any affiliation with Chatbooks and have not been paid for this review. Just purely sharing a fabulous service!


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Last Minute Amazon Prime Christmas Gift Ideas–There’s still time!

December 20, 2016

Hey you guyyyyyys! You still have time to use your Amazon Prime membership to get those last minute gifts for your family and friends! Here are a few finds I threw together for those hard to buy for people. A lot of these would work for men or women. I did about 75% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year and it made my life so much easier.  I was a little embarrassed getting several boxes a day but it’s done! Here’s my little compilation of finds I think most anyone would enjoy.


We personally own this and my husband loves it and uses it all the time. We’ve had it for about 2 years and still works good as new!  Fogless Shower Mirror with Squeegee by ToiletTree Products. Guaranteed Not to Fog, Designed Not to Fall. (Silver)  $29.95



Perfect for your DIY husband. Pretty rad wristband with magnet to hold all those loose screws/nail. I know a few men who would love and use these. My husband? Not so much. 😀 MagnoGrip 311-090 Magnetic Wristband $12.95



I own one of these and I love the organization it offers. It keeps my water bottles in one place and I also keep my emergency snacks, baby wipes, car cleaning junk and even throw in some shopping bags I don’t want rolling around. Keep your trunk nice and organized!  Trunk Organizer $16.79


Pretty much the best hand cream in all the land, oh and unscented for that man of yours.  O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream Value Size, 6.8 oz., Jar $12.15



Want to “WOW!” your significant other?  I got these for Lord Business for his birthday in August and he uses them pretty much every day…aaaand I use them too.  My hubby works from home occasionally and these are perfect for blocking out the kid’s noise when he’s focusing.  Socks knocked off, guaranteed. Ain’t cheap though but will be gift to remember. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling – Black $349.99



A wallet is one of those things men need but never think to replace. This is a beauty and great Fossil brand quality. Fossil Men’s Bifold Wallet $50.00


I got this for myself when I got a new car this summer and I LOVE it! It’s got a long cord and little crevice attachments to get those hard to reach places. Keeps my car nice and tidy in between vacuuming and mama loves a clean car. Car Vacuum Cleaner $34.99



Because what man wouldn’t love the modern day remote control car? I have a couple friends who have gotten these for their husbands. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Quadcopter  $49.99



For those who have wives (or husbands, mothers, in laws, sisters, friends etc.) who love to cook. Who wouldn’t love a luxurious and beautiful salt pig? Anyone who is a serious cook would love and use this pretty little thing (other colors available).  Le Creuset Stoneware 10-Ounce Salt Crock, Cerise (Cherry Red) $34.9971BK5k76+jL._SL1500_.jpg

Beautiful genuine jasper and turquoise leather wrap bracelet. I LOVE leather wrap bracelets and own a few of them. They are casual but add just a touch of unique style to your wrist. Oh and they are super comfortable and fit on all wrist sizes! I like to wrap them around my watch. Leather Wrap Bracelet with Turquoise-Green Jasper Beads $27.98


Highly rated and on my wish list this year! Cheaper than LUSH and the perfect gift for someone who needs to relax in a nice hot bath. Bath Bombs Gift Set – Luxury Bath Fizzies – Lush Size 6oz Natural Bath Bombs $36.99 for 6



These things are FIVE FULL STAR rated. Perfect for any cook in the kitchen. Pretty much impossible to cut yourself at all with these gloves on. Impressive! No Cry Cut Resistant Gloves  $11.99


All I can say is, I would LOVE this as a gift and I am going to out on a limb and say that nearly 100% of women would love it too.  On the back it says, “one in a million.” BEAUTIFUL!  kate spade New York Alphabet Pendant Necklace 18inch $58.00


Hope you gleaned something from this little list, I could add another 50 things but this should cover your bases for those procrastinators out there! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

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~Great Find Friday~ Philips Wake Up Light & Happy Light

October 28, 2016

These two finds SAVE MY SANITY during these dreary and dark PNW fall days.  One of the best feelings in the world is waking up to the sun rising in your bedroom and feeling rested and alert right when you wake up.

I would be a zombie without my Philips Wake Up Light. It basically is an alarm clock that simulates the sun rise.  It gradually gets brighter and brighter during a 20-40 minute time period and wakes you up gently with the increasing brightness. You can also choose between five sounds to wake up as well.  It has a bedtime setting that can do the reverse of getting darker and darker until you want to go to sleep.

With the light gently hitting your closed eyes, you wake up gradually and feel refreshed. It’s an odd feeling to describe but it’s so calming to wake up with this thing!  Many times we wake up before the sound even goes off on it.   This alarm clock has been clinically proven to make waking up more pleasant. Yes, please! It’s great too because it has incorporated colors into the bulb to mimic the sunrise with those orange-ish hues.  It has a tap snooze option, automatically dimming display and a FM radio. Have I sold you on it yet? It’s worth a shot at trying to see if it can help you fight those rough, feet dragging, early pitch black mornings.  It is not cheap however it is worth every penny since it wakes me up feeling rested, refreshed and happy. Worth every penny! It sells for $137.99.  I got mine on Amazon where it has received nearly 3000 five star reviews. Click HERE to view on Amazon.    We also have an older version of this light we got a few years back and we still use it on one side of our bed with this new one on my side. The old one is still going strong! I haven’t had to change the bulb yet.   If you want to see it in action and listen to the five sound options to wake up to, watch my little video below.




The second light that is necessary to keep your body feeling awake and refreshed is the  Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp or AKA The Happy Light. With nearly 2400 five star reviews, you’ll see that it REALLY does help convince your body and brain that it is in fact daytime at a pitch black 7am. It retails on Amazon for $51.99.



In a nutshell this lamp:

  • Improves mood, energy, and sleep
  • Recommended for winter blues
  • Re-syncs your body’s internal clock
  • Emits healing 17,000-Kelvin UV-free light
  • Built-in timer
  • For home and office use
  • Recommended by Columbia Department of Psychiatry and the New York State Psychiatry Institute.

I don’t understand or know all the science but I do know that it works for us! It helps us feel awake and energized. From what I understand the prescription strength 10,000 LUX light is equivalent to what they use for light therapy. Apparently it is effective in treating SAD or seasonal affective disorder which basically is seasonal depression due to lack of sunlight.  It is designed to mimic the effects of the sunny sky with it’s bright white/blue light.  We have ours in our bathroom where we use it each morning while in the shower (we have glass shower doors) and while we are getting ready so a total of 20-30 minutes each morning right upon waking. It has a nifty timer on the side so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off. It is on the bigger side but not giant. It would be great for an office desk as well. I’ve seen many other happy lights but you all know I’m a review junkie and when it works, it works! Tried and true coming at you!

We have owned ours for about 5 years and ours is still going strong with no bulb issues. I store it in the spring  and summer and happily whip it out from October-April.  It’s funny reading many of the reviews on Amazon because a lot of the people reviewing are from Seattle and the PNW in general. Lack of sunshine is a real problem here! Day after day of gray and gloom can really affect your mood and that pep in your step! Not with this nifty light! So, if you need a boost of energy and want to feel like you have the same energy as a bright and summery day, try these two products and let me know what you think! It’s worked beautifully for us!

And remember, I’m not a doctor and the info I’m sharing here regarding light therapy/SAD is purely informational and not intended for you to treat yourself or others! 

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~Great Find Friday~ One Line A Day, A Five Year Memory Book

October 7, 2016

With a million and one ways to journal these days, here’s another to add to the list.  However, this little cutie has won my heart because of the small amount of time and effort it requires.  It’s a simple and beautiful five year journal and all you have to do is write down just a couple sentences each day because there literally isn’t any more space to write more than that.   It is a gorgeous robin’s egg blue color with gold edges on each page and a coral ribbon book mark. I keep it on my nightstand so I don’t forget to jot down a few things and even if I do forget to write in it for a couple days, it’s very easy to remember a couple lines of what happened in the past few days and get caught up. When I first started writing in it, I didn’t think I would forget random little things but I’ve proven myself wrong. I have already had a good time reading back the past month or so of little happenings. What a fun and simple way to read the super shortened version of your life! One of my dearest friends gave this to me and I’m thinking about getting one for my 10 year old just to encourage him to keep a little record of his life because I know he’d enjoy looking back too. I remember feeling overwhelmed as a kid when I wanted to write in a journal because I had SO much to say and it took forever to write it all down, but this little thing is the perfect size and only requires literally 2 minutes a day. My friend got this at Paper Source but I found it on good old reliable Amazon for even a little cheaper. Keep this one if your back pocket as it would be a perfect gift/stocking stuffer. Click here to get it on Amazon for $13.83. They also have an adorable lavender one that targets moms called “Mom’s One Line a Day” which would be an awesome new mom gift or for any mom really! Click here to see that one for $10.24.  There are several versions of this kind of journaling, so check a few of my picks out to see which one would suit your needs!

Living Well One Line A Day- $16.95 A cute yellow five year journal
Every Day: A Five Year Memory Book– $11.75 A colorful cover with lots of cute items all over it.
Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book– $10.24 A pretty light purple cover with gold page edges and gold lettering.
Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-year Journal-$12.92 A line a day but with a Mom question prompt.


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~Great Find Friday~ Big Spiralizer, Small Spiralizer. Zucchini Noodles 101.

June 24, 2016

Most of you already have one of these, buuuuut I couldn’t run the risk of not sharing this with those of you who don’t.  Ever heard of zucchini noodles? It’s just zucchini spiralized into a noodle shape. The reason why you should eat and love them is because when the zucchini noodles are barely cooked, they taste and resemble real noodles which pretty much means you can eat a ton of them and not feel weighed down.  If you’re watching your carbs, this is a necessity in the kitchen. We as a family, like to mix the noodles and the zucchini together at about 1:1 ratio. So you basically eat half the amount of noodles and get in some good veggies into your diet. The possibilities are endless! I have a great recipe I’ll be sharing soon with zucchini noodles and shrimp. So good! And healthy! I’m not a huge health nut but I do like to feel that we are getting our veggies in and this is a fun way to do it.

This first one I want to share is the little one and it’s a fabulous, tried and true spiral slicer. It’s super fast to get out and use and a great option for one or two people. I got this one on Amazon for….wait for it…FIVE DOLLARS. I have seen some similar ones at TJ Maxx and other places but I looked on Amazon and found this one for half the price and high ratings. Done deal.  It kind of makes flatter noodles resembling linguine. I like to chop these up a bit and throw in different meals. The boys never notice. Shhhh. It comes with this great little brush to clean the cutting area, but I just throw it in the dishwasher and it comes out clean.  Click Here to Buy it on Amazon for $5!


The second spirliazer that I use and love is a top seller on Amazon and it’s made by Paderno. It’s amazing! I like that it makes more rounded noodles resembling actual spaghetti noodles. It comes with three different blades so you can do the round noodles in two different sizes and also a thin flat blade to make wide ribbons of veggies. The spiralizer itself has a little area to store the blades.  I just keep it all in the box and pull the whole thing out when I use it. It’s a useful little gadget that I use frequently. If you do a search for ‘zucchini noodle’ recipes, you’ll be blown away with the delicious food you can make. It’s $29.99 on Amazon and very highly rated. Click Here to Buy the Paderno Spiralizer! Hope you can get good use of these ideas and thanks for reading.



*Photo taken from

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~Great Find Friday~ Leuke Microwave Popcorn Popper

June 17, 2016

If you love popcorn, raise your hand! Popcorn is something our whole family eats a lot of. We blow through those jumbo double bags of Skinny Pop once a week. Over the years, we’ve collected different poppers like the Stir Crazy, a Plug-in air popper and even one of those big glass carnival kettle poppers. But more often than not, we have been just throwing in our favorite bagged microwave popcorn in the microwave and we were pretty content with that…UNTIL I got this awesome collapsible silicon microwave popcorn bowl!  It’s made by Leuke and it’s pretty rad. A few things  I love about it are:

  1. It folds down flat for storage.
  2. It is dishwasher safe.
  3. It gives me hot and fresh popcorn within a couple minutes.
  4. It doesn’t have all the weird chemicals and additives in it that popcorn bags have.
  5. It allows me to flavor and use the oil that I prefer to use.  (coconut, canola, olive etc.)
  6. It’s pretty.


It’s ridiculously simple to use too. All you do is add about 1-2 teaspoons of your favorite oil,  1/3 cup of kernels, 1 teaspoon of salt (can you imagine smoked or flavored salt?) and throw it in the microwave for about 2-3 minutes and voila you have yummy, healthy and fast popcorn. It has this clever lid on it to keep it from spilling over as well.   If you want to jazz it up with flavors, it’s also very easy to add in some sugar and salt and a little oil to the kernels and it comes out with that crispiness that kettle corn has. You can even throw in those store bought flavored powders on the kernels before popping.

All in all, this popper is a fabulous gift idea for pretty much anyone and especially for any popcorn lover.  Head on over to Amazon and buy it for $19.99. Click here to buy it on Amazon.   Scroll all the way down for some yummy recipes I found on  I’ve tried a couple of them and they were yummy!


Recipes from

Fiesta Popcorn
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (may reduce or omit)
  • 1 tablespoon dry taco seasoning
  • 1/3 cup popcorn kernels
  • 3 teaspoons finely grated Parmesan cheese

Put coconut oil, salt, and taco seasoning  in bowl. Microwave just until oil is melted, 20-30 seconds. Pour popcorn kernels into bowl; stir to coat each kernel with seasoned oil. Even out kernels in bottom of bowl. Microwave on high for approx. 2-5 minutes, when there are 1-2 second between pops. Microwave times will vary. While still hot, sprinkle on Parmesan cheese.

Caution: Bowl will get hot; use hot pads or oven mitts.

Cinnamon Toast Popcorn
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (may reduce or omit)
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup popcorn kernels
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon powdered sugar (or preferred powdered sweetener)
Put coconut oil, salt, and cinnamon in bowl. Microwave just until oil is melted, 20-30 seconds. Pour popcorn kernels into bowl; stir to coat each kernel with oil mixture. Even out kernels in bottom of bowl. Microwave on high for approx. 2-5 minutes, when there are 1-2 second between pops. Microwave times will vary. While still hot, mist popcorn lightly with vanilla extract and sprinkle with powdered sugar; toss and repeat until evenly coated.
Curry Popcorn
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (may reduce or omit)
  • 1 tablespoon curry powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/3 cup popcorn kernels
Put coconut oil, salt, curry powder and garlic powder in bowl. Microwave just until oil is melted, 20-30 seconds. Pour popcorn kernels into bowl; stir to coat each kernel with seasoned oil. Even out kernels in bottom of bowl. Microwave on high for approx. 2-5 minutes, when there are 1-2 second between pops. Microwave times will vary.
Lemon Pepper Popcorn 
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (may reduce or omit)
  • 2 teaspoons lemon pepper
  • 1/3 cup popcorn kernels
Put coconut oil, salt, and lemon pepper in bowl. Microwave just until oil is melted, 20-30 seconds. Pour popcorn kernels into bowl; stir to coat each kernel with seasoned oil. Even out kernels in bottom of bowl. Put vented cover on top and microwave on high for approx. 2-5 minutes, when there are 1-2 second between pops. Microwave times will vary.Caution: Bowl will get hot; use hot pads or oven mitts.
Cocoa Lovers Popcorn
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (may reduce or omit)
  • 1/3 cup popcorn kernels
  • 1 tablespoon hot cocoa mix
Put coconut oil and salt in bowl. Microwave just until oil is melted, 20-30 seconds. Pour popcorn kernels into bowl; stir to coat each kernel with oil mixture. Even out kernels in bottom of bowl. Put vented cover on top and microwave on high for approx. 2-5 minutes, when there are 1-2 second between pops. Microwave times will vary. While still hot, sprinkle with cocoa mix; toss until evenly coated.Caution: Bowl will get hot; use hot pads or oven mitts.


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~Great Find Friday~ Stomp Rocket–A Great Kids Gift Idea. 

May 14, 2016

I feel like as my kids get older, they are harder to buy for. I mean, at some point you have a to be a little more creative because you can only buy so many Legos. I was browsing on Amazon and I saw this very highly rated and cheap stomp rocket. So today we opened it up and we all had fun playing with it! It’s clearly made of cheap plastic but it’s easy to put together and start having fun! Even our little guy who is three could stomp on it and have it go really high. My boys loved watching it and counting down to launch it.  It comes with four rockets (one of ours is already on the roof) so be careful where you aim it. It sells for $16 on Amazon and is a great option for a gift for any occasion! Keep this on your list this summer for something a little different that’s easy to use for kids of any age! Sorry for my annoying squeal and poor quality video.

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Want To “WOW” Somebody Special? Gift This Special Ice Cream!

May 10, 2016

Many of you probably saw my Facebook post about the incredibly unique and fun gift I got from Lord Business for Mother’s Day. We were putting down bark outside in our front yard on Saturday, working our tails off in the hot sun and the Fedex guy pulls up and hands me this big white box with the word “Perishable” on it. For a moment I thought it was some live crickets I bought for our bearded dragon (another story).  Upon opening the box, I see a big white styrofoam box inside and I’m completely puzzled at this point. So Lord Business comes over and watches me and he’s acting all confused with me. Inside of that box is a smaller box with a hand written card, “Mamma, We hope you enjoy our creative flavors in your most comfortable PJs. Love, Your Boys.” There was dry ice in there with four pints of ice cream. That’s about the time I start to melt and when I pick up the pints one at a time, reading off the labels, memories start filling my brain and I start to cry. I don’t cry easily so I think the husband was thinking, “Yussssssssss” at this point.  It really gave him a nice organic reaction from me, which I’m sure was the point.  I’ve never received ice cream as a gift so it was a unique experience.  It’s basically tying two amazing things together, sweet memories and sweet ice cream. If that doesn’t get you sentimental, I don’t know what does!  This HAD to be on the blog because I could just imagine how many people could be surprised and touched like I had been. Think Father’s Day, birthdays for basically anyone special to you, anniversaries, get well, good luck, new baby, anything really! It’s just special! And unique! And I will say the ice cream and gelato I got are really, really good.  The flavors I got were, Strawberry, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel Sundae with Caramel Swirls & Brownie Bites, and Biscotti Gelato.

The company that sells it is called eCreamery and they are based out of Nebraska but fear not, Lord Business said he ordered this on Tuesday and it came delivered on Saturday. So apparently it’s a great short notice gift too. Standard shipping comes free but you can opt for faster shipping for a fee. It’s pretty rad to receive a frozen gift in the mail. The ice cream was as hard and frozen as it would be coming from a freezer. It’s kind of a neat site because you can tell them which day you want to receive it and they will accommodate. Pricing isn’t what I could consider cheap but you know the drill, if you really want the ‘wow’ factor, you may be willing to spend a premium for a unique gift.  The website sells four pints for about $85. Consider it a specialty and custom item for that special occasion.

So, in conclusion, ice cream apparently  makes me feel warm and fuzzy.  I hope you can keep this in your back pocket for a fun occasion at some point. If anything, it could be a fun idea to do it yourself with your own store bought pints and making your own labels. I think the value here is being to mail it to an unsuspecting recipient.



Selling you on the rarity of the ice cream! 


Three of the four pints I received.